Surfio - Touch Enable Any Surface

Surfio is one of our earliest software products. It can convert any surface into a touch area with great precision.

A mesh of depth sensors is utilized to analyze space in realtime. This highly customizable software enables even curved large video walls to be used as a monolithic touch surface.

Our software includes a configuration helper for installation on a very large video wall with curved installation support.


SigmaNil - Computer Vision Library

SigmaNil is an open-source software library developed by Machinetutors.

It is a framework for natural user interfaces with elaborate features, such as finger level precision hand shape recognition, hand gesture recognition, and hand skeleton tracking. SigmaNIL framework also provides customization tools for each of these advanced features.

The framework is designed to support all depth sensor devices and base libraries such as OpenNI and KinectSDK. It is also designed so that developers can enhance it by adding new powerful modules.