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We train artificial intelligence.

Robust AI solutions for challenging projects.

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Products & Services

Machinetutors AI Ecosystem

Machinetutors provides a comprehensive AI ecosystem of tools for data collection & annotation, development, debugging, monitoring, reporting and deployment. 

SaaS AI solutions

Machinetutors provides high-quality, scalable and customizable SaaS solutions for your artificial intelligence needs.

mtAPI offers a range of solutions, from automated product tagging to visual search to content moderation.

mtAPI’s proven solutions will help you gain valuable insights from visual data.

Data collection & annotation platform

mtDATA is carefully designed to provide production-quality data for various industries.

Machinetutors’ professional team of annotators deliver world-class data to build, train and accelerate your projects.

mtDATA’s unlimited flexibility meets the most demanding data requirements.

Custom AI solutions

With Machinetutors you can discover opportunities and implement artificial intelligence to increase revenue, reduce costs, minimize risk and build competitive advantage.

DATA -> LIB -> DBG -> MR -> PKG || API

About Us

Endless possibilities with artificial intelligence

Founded in 2010, Machinetutors is a leading provider of AI-powered software solutions.

Machinetutors provides you with everything from a comprehensive AI strategy roadmap to building a scalable AI infrastructure to production-grade AI solutions.

Machinetutors helps customers solve complex use cases through object classification, detection, tracking, visual search, content moderation and natural language processing.


Find the ideal solution for your business

Access the best-in-class AI solution with mtAPI.


Product tagging

mtAPI’s tagging solution allows retailers to create product tags and metadata instantly without manual labor, saving both time and money.


Enrich product data and create a richer database for search


Improve product discovery


Achieve accurate search results


Automatically group products with similar attributes


Visual search

mtAPI’s visual search solution enables your customers to use any image to start a product search and find exactly what they are looking for.


Create a seamless online search experience


Deliver accurate and relevant results


Find products faster


Remove language barriers



ugc platforms

Content moderation

mtAPI’s content solution allows retailers to create better content and protect their online marketplace.


Automatically ensure products meet retailer guidelines


Protect brand image


Automatically moderate large volumes of images


Monitor and filter user-generated content of any online platform

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Endless possibilities with computer vision

Automatically recognize, capture and generate insights from images and videos 

mtAPI. well trained API

High quality, scalable & customizable SaaS solutions for your artificial intelligence needs.


AI-powered data annotation and collection platform

AI-powered product tagging for e-commerce

Generate product and image metadata

AI-powered visual search for e-commerce

Deliver precise search results

Content moderation

Ensure quality content for your community and marketplace growth

Custom solutions powered by AI

Consult an AI expert to find the right solution for your business needs.

why choose us?

Discover what sets us apart

Experts in computer vision

Machinetutors helps clients solve complex use cases through object detection, visual search, content moderation & NLP.

Powerful AI

Machinetutors’ API is robust, scalable & fast. It can automatically analyze millions of images in a day.


Machinetutors understands that not all businesses are the same, so we help our customers solve the problems that matter to them.

On time delivery

Machinetutors has developed solutions for companies of all sizes and is proud to say that even the most complicated projects have been completed on time and budget.

Serious about accuracy

Machinetutors values accuracy above all else. We work closely with customers to improve, test & iterate in order to maximize success.

Dedicated support

Machinetutors provides consistent, round-the-clock support to exceed customer expectations.

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